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BNC Male to BNC Male High Frequency RF Probe

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Fully synthesized RF spectrum analyzer. User friendly controls. On-screen markers with absolute and relative signal levels for easy measuring. Optional tracking generator for stimulus/response analysis, RF power meter, AM/FM receiver for listening to demodulated signals and remote control for PC control and acquisition.


  • Over 1GHz frequency range over a 120 dB range of input level.
  • Display span selectable from 0 KHz to 100MHz per division (full span) in standard 2-5-10 step sequence.
  • Resolution bandwidth changes automatically as span is changed. 3 KHz, 30KHz, 220KHz, and 4 MHz standard.
  • Top of the screen reference level selectable -30dBm to +20dBm adjusts signal for convenient display position.
  • Two markers displayed on trace waveform for ease of measurement. Markers may be positioned.
  • Frequency and level of these points digitally displayed. Delta marker mode displays difference between markers for simple, fast and accurate relative measurements.
  • Digitally synthesized RF system for accuracy and stability. Span and sweep directly based on internal timebase for frequency accuracy at each point along sweep.
  • Any factory installed options selected must be done with initial order and cannot be added later.