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RSR Digital/Analog Trainer Assembled Version (PAD Trainer)

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The PAD-234A Digital/Analog Trainer is a complete portable work-station. It is designed to allow you to quickly build, modify, and troubleshoot all sorts of analog and digital circuits. Its built-in power supplies, signal sources, and I/O features can save hundreds of dollars when compared to using separate pieces of lab equipment. For expanded capability the supplies, signals, and I/O, along with uncommitted lines, are available at a built-in IDC connector to allow ribbon cable connection to other boards, devices, or pieces of equipment.

The PAD-234A is a rugged, high-quality piece of equipment designed for years of use with minimal maintenance. It's functionality and low cost make the PAD-234 a cost-effective design tool for hobbyists and professionals. The same features make it the ideal educational tool for student use. The modular design of the PAD-234 allows it to be incorporated in kit form into progressive quarters of a school's instructional program. Available assembled or in kit form.