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Advanced Analog Digital Design Workstation Trainer

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The PB-507 Advanced Analog & Digital Electronic Design Workstation, is a powerful, versatile tool for circuit designers, engineers, technicians, students and hobbyists. All digital controls, USB port, and a wide choice of built-in circuits accessories allow rapid and accurate construction of virtually any type of analog or digital circuit.

The PB-507 has an LCD that displays the settings for the active module selected. Simply touch a control element and the LCD switches to that module and displays its settings. Use the USB connection on the PB-507 and you can control or view the module's values from a PC. Using this feature you can project the controls to a large viewing screen for a classroom to observe and follow.

  • USB connection enabling viewing and controlling from a PC
  • Choose your power source: 6.3/12.6 V AC power, 5 V DC or variable +/-20 V DC
  • Draw power from banana plug connections or the tie-point power supplies above each breadboard bus strip
  • Powerful 1 MHz bandwidth Function Generator with sine, triangle, and square wave outputs
  • Pulse Generator operates for a second, independent Function Generator but that you can modify the duty cycle between 10 to 90%
  • Frequency Counter module reports on the output of your own specially designed circuits
  • Flush mounted, removable circuit breadboard with over 4,100 contact points