Electronix Express

DC Power Supply, Two Outputs, 0-30V, 0-3A/5V Fixed @3A

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Sleek, streamline design features large, easy-viewing digital displays in green (volts) and red (amps), for monitoring voltage and current simultaneously. The PW3032 offers both a 0 ~ 30V, 0 ~ 3A output plus a fixed 5V, 0 ~ 3A output. Maximum continual output power 105VA.

  • .01% regulation.
  • Ripple and noise: 3mVrms.
  • Display accuracy: less than 0.1% + 2 digits.
  • Dimensions: W=230m, H=170m, D=310m.
  • Power source voltage selectable for both 115V or 220V.
  • Toroidal transformer version available