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RSR 4-In-One Instrument Lab Bench Setup with 100 MHZ Digital Scope


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  1. Sweep Function Generator
  2. Triple Output Power Supply
  3. Digital Multimeter
  4. Oscilloscope

Save time AND MONEY by ordering the 4-IN-1All quality, best selling models includedSimplify your ordering processAnalog and Digital Storage Scope versions availableCustomized packages available for ten or more units (add or substitute other models). Call for custom package quote (10 + required)


1. Sweep Function Generator

Model FG-32. Best value, top seller. 3MHz with digital display. Six waveform functions (sine, triangle, square, ramp, pulse). Internal/External frequency counter function.

2. Triple Output Power Supply

Model: 01HY3003F-3

  • Two 0-30V; 0-3A variable output.
  • Serial and parallel operation for double of normal outputs.
  • 5V @ 3 A fixed output.
  • Load Effect: .01% +5mV
  • Source Effect: .02% +1mV
  • Current limiting and short circuit protection.
  • LED display
  • Dimensions: 14.3" x 10.5" x 6.5"
  • Weight: 20 lbs.

3. Bench DMM True RMS

Model VC8045

  • 1/2 digit large LCD display with backlight;

  • With the DCV,ACV,DCA,ACA,Ω,CAP,Hz,hFE,diode and continuity test function;
  • Max. voltage measuring: DC 1000Vor AC value, resolution:10uV;
  • Max. current measuring: 20A,polarity automatic switch,data hold,backlight
  • AC measuring adopt high accuracy true RMS, with bandwidth and AC+DC measuring

4. Oscilloscope

DS1102 Bench Top Oscilloscope 100MHz, 2 Channels

SDS Series Two Channel digital storage oscilloscopes are of the highest quality and provide reliable performance. Some key applications include electronic circuit design and debugging, electrical circuit function test, industrial control and measuring, and education and training.

Key technical specifications and features:

  • 100 MHz bandwidth
  • 1 GSA/s sampling rate
  • 7 inches color TFT-LCD display
  • 6 digits hardware frequency counter
  • Waveform record and play back function
  • Unique digital filter and data recorder function
  • Embedded 12 languages, online help, one key storing, and one key printing
  • Interface: USB device, USB host, RS-232, PASS/FAIL
  • Support USB-TMC protocol and SCPI programming command control
  • 2M pts memory depth