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6 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 6ft, 125VAC / 15A, UL Listed

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This 6 outlet power strip is UL listed, meaning it meets extreme safety requirements. This safe to use high-quality power strip has an integrated circuit breaker switch, which means it keeps your devices protected. With L-N surge protection you don't have to worry about your devices being harmed by dangerous power surges. Keep your device's working great and living long with PI Manufacturing's high-quality surge protected power strips.

  • 6 grounded outlets
  • 14AWG heavy duty power cord
  • Lighted On/Off switch with automatic reset
  • Built-in 15Amp circuit breaker
  • Electrical rating AC 125V, 15 Amps, 1875 Watts
  • 6ft cord length


  • For indoor use only (Do not use in wet or damp areas).
  • Use this unit only with 125 volts AC power (1875 watts 15 amps max.) Always use a grounding adapter when plugging unit into two-conductor wall receptacle.
  • If circuit breaker trips due to a power overload, unplug & remove excess power drain, then rest.
  • Make sure that the cord is uncoiled and knot free when in use (avoid overheating).
  • Use only the grip on the plug to pull it out of the receptacle. Never pull the plug out by the cord.