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5 Piece Stainless Steel Precision Tool Set - Side Cutter, Round Nose, Long Nose, Flat Nose, and Bent Nose Pliers


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  • 5 piece stainless steel precision tool set, includes: Side Cutter, Flat Nose Plier, Long Nose Plier, Bent Nose Plier, and Round Nose Plier
  • Each tool in the set features a miniature size for precision work, a return spring for rapid operation, and comfort grip handles
  • These tools are ideal for use with electrical components, jewelry making, fishing, and more
List of precision tools:
  • 4” Side Cutter - Suitable for cutting copper wire below 1.2mm diameter (Note: Not for cutting steel wire)
  • 4” Flat Nose Pliers - Makes sharp bends and right-angles in wire, grips flat objects, non-serrated jaws
  • 4” Long Nose Pliers - Ideal for fine product assembly and other close quarters work, non-serrated jaws
  • 4” Bent Nose Pliers - 45° slant for easy operation in tight areas, non-serrated jaws
  • 4” Round Nose Pliers - Ideal for bending fine items such as wire, easily form loops and bends