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1.5 oz Soldering Iron Tip Tinner - Prolongs Tip Life - Lead Free, ESD Safe

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I.C. Tip Tinner is designed for the removal of all flux or metal contamination on your soldering tip. This lead-free formula uses a confidential surfactant to cleanse the thermal dewetting layer caused by oxidization, stripping contaminants straight from the pores of the tool. Removing rust, applying a layer of premium tin, and enabling proper heat transfer to fully restore your soldering tip’s functional use.

  • Use to clean, re-tin, and restore the heat transfer of your soldering tip
  • Prolongs tip life and promotes heat transfer by preventing oxide build up and depletion of tin
  • ESD safe, lead free, residue free
  • Size: 1.5 oz

Directions for use: Slowly submerge your heated soldering tip into solution while dragging it across the surface. Twist the tip to allow the surfactant to cleanse, restore and re-tin it for optimal function