Weller WE1010NA 70 Watt Digital Soldering Station

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The Weller WE1010NA is a 70 watt digital soldering station, and is designed for education, advanced hobbyists and professional users. 40% more powerful than the previous WES / WESD station, this iron heats up quickly and provides a faster recovery time - you will get the job done quicker, and with more efficiency and precision.


  • 1-channel-soldering station with WEP 70 soldering iron and PH 70 safety rest
  • 40% more power than the WES51/WESD51
  • 70 watt soldering iron with toolless tip change
  • Fast heat up and recovery
  • High temperature stability for repeatable results
  • Standby mode protects equipment and reduces energy use
  • Easy to use menu navigation
  • Digital LCD screen
  • New, reinforced safety rest for iron provides extra stability
  • Heat resistant silicone cable
  • Ergonomic handle produces less hand fatigue and more precision