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48W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station Kit with Helping Hand, Desoldering Pump, Solder Aid Kit, Solder, and 2 Spare Tips

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  • This soldering set includes: 48W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station with one 1.2mm and two 1.5mm conical tips, lead free solder (10gm), Helping Hand with magnifier, desolder pump, and solder aid kit
  • Temperature Controlled Soldering Station — easily accomplish many different soldering tasks with the 5 to 40 watt temperature adjustment. Features lightweight iron with rubber grip, 1.2mm pointed tip (two 1.5mm tips also included), tip cleaning sponge, and a sturdy-ringed soldering iron holder.
  • Adjustable Helping Hand with Magnifying Glass - Great for holding PC boards, it features a heavy duty cast iron base, two alligator clamps that hold light objects steady, adjustable ball joints that can be positioned to hold your project at any angle, and a 2X, 2-1/2" magnifying glass to reduce eyestrain for precision work.
  • Desoldering Pump - Fast action, heavy duty desoldering pump. Simply heat up solder joint and push button. It's simple design allows easy one-handed use. Features an automatic nozzle cleaner.
  • Solder Aid Kit - Ideal for precision soldering/desoldering and PCB assembly, this 2 piece soldering helper set includes brushes, knife, scraper. Brushes can be used for solder surface preparation and cleaning soldering iron tips. Scraper for component and lead extraction. The knife severs unneeded traces on PCBs.
  • 10 Grams of Lead Free Solder - Diameter of .031" and comes in a convenient dispensing tube. Comprised of 96.5% tin; 3.0% silver; 0.5% copper.