5 Piece American Pattern File Set

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The Nicholson 22040N 5-piece American pattern hand file set includes an assortment of file profiles, cuts, and lengths for shaping, sharpening, and removing material. The set includes a 6"/150 mm slim taper, 8"/200 mm mill smooth, 8"/200 mm mill bastard, 10"/250 mm mill bastard, and 10"/250 mm half-round bastard file. The bastard files enable heavy material removal when finish is not a concern, and the smooth files have fine teeth that create a smooth finish. The files have single-cut faces for use with light pressure, except for the half-round file which has double-cut round and flat sides. The files are made from high-carbon steel for high strength and durability. The set comes in a red plastic pouch with each compartment labeled with the file length, shape, and coarseness.

  • Set of 5 American pattern hand files includes taper, mill, and half-round cross-section files for shaping, sharpening, and removing material in a range of applications
  • Bastard and smooth coarseness, and single and double cuts contained in the set for various degrees of material removal
  • High-carbon steel construction is strong and durable for extended tool life
  • Various lengths are included for proper reach
  • Plastic pouch with labeled compartments is included for tool identification and organization
  • Complete set of 5 files and file cleaner fits easily and securely into a rugged compact pouch.