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Stainless Steel 12" / 30cm Ruler - Imperial Inches and Metric Millimeters

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  • 12" / 30cm Stainless Steel Ruler (Imperial Inches / Metric Millimeters)
  • Graduated in 12 inches on the bottom and 30 centimeters in the center
  • Graduation marks at 1/20", 1/10", 1/2" and 1 inch. For metric; every 1mm, 5mm, 10mm, and 1cm.
  • Features a hole on one end for hanging. A protective sleeve is included for storage.
  • The other side of the ruler features an inch to millimeter conversion table, tap drill reference table, and required hole diameters for English and American bolts ("W" designates a English Standard bolt, "U" designates an American Standard bolt).