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Red SMD Grabber for DIY Test Leads (5243-2)

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The SMD Grabber test clip is especially suited for testing surface mounted packages on centers as small as 0.76mm (0.030"). Pincer-like contact grasps individual legs of SMDs such as SOIC, SOJ, PCC, etc. Its circular design and small size have been developed for easy use and handling.

  • Hook, Pincer Opening: 0.040" (1.02mm)
  • Length: 1.580" (40.13mm)
  • Termination: Solder, 0.090" (2.29mm) Wire Opening
  • Color: Red


  • Operating Temperature: +102° C. (+216° F) Max.
  • Operating Voltage: 30VAC / 60VDC Max.
  • Current: 0.5 Amperes

Simplified Assembly Procedure:

  1. Pull off thumb cap to expose contact connection.
  2. Thread wire through thumb cap and strip 3.18mm (1/8").
  3. Insert stripped end through hole on contact and solder.
  4. Slide thumb cap back onto contact.