Solar Panel Kit 34W

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Parallax's 34 Watt Solar Panel Kit is a do-it-yourself system that can produce up to a maximum of 34 watts of clean green electrical energy.

This is not another solar demonstration toy! It is a true kit you assemble it from a pile of raw parts and when you're done, you will have a solar panel that produces a substantial amount of electrical power. In fact, the energy produced per square foot is comparable to many commercially available solar panels. And, when you permanently seal the panel, it can withstand the outside elements as well.

Our demonstration videos (below) show you how to properly handle and solder the delicate cells and their wiring interconnections.

  • Array of 12 commercial-grade 125 mm (~5"), 2.85 watt, 18.5% efficiency monocrystalline solar cells
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate base and cover panels provide outdoor durability and high light transmission properties without the fragility of glass or brittleness of acrylic
  • Custom-milled base panel with a protective recess for each cell simplifies assembly
  • Daisy-chain multiple units together for higher voltage/current/power output