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Educational Solar Energy Science Project Kit with Solar Panel, Motor, Guidebook

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Now you can experiment with solar energy - the energy source of the future. Our solar educational kit is designed to let you build your own solar models. This kit comes complete with solar panel, DC motor with wire and motor clips, screws and nuts, spinner discs, paper airplane and bird models, 4 different size plastic turntables (5/8", 1", 1.5", and 2"), plastic fan spinner, and a booklet explaining the Whys and Hows of solar energy.

Solar cell modules, when placed in direct sunlight or close to incandescent light bulbs, generate power similar to batteries. Discover for yourself how to harness the energy of light and employ it in countless practical applications. Solar energy uses are limited only by your imagination.

NOTE: Before attaching the motor to the solar panel, please spin the motor a few rotations by hand slowly in both directions to loosen the grease that is used during manufacturing.

Operates best in direct sunlight. If using artificial light, solar panel must be close to the light source.

Key Features

  • A silicon solar cell encapsulated in a space-aged plastic housing with a gem-like lens pattern
  • Output: 1V, 300mA
  • It absorbs the energy of the sun and converts the heat and light into the electrical energy
  • Specially designed solar driven motor
  • A set of wire with motor clips, nut, etc.
  • Fan-like spinner
  • 4 different sizes of plastic disc
  • 5 different types of colored paper models
  • 1 educational booklet explaining details of solar energy
  • With this kit of accessories, children can do a series of do-it-yourself experiments
  • This remarkable kit can self-explain and educate details of solar energy
  • It also can extend the concept of applying solar energy to the educational kit and toys for children
  • The application and experiments of solar energy is only limited by your imagination
  • Other solar-powered educational and learning games/aids available

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