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Solar Motor Kit - Includes 1V / 400mA Solar Cell Module, 1V / 400mA DC Solar Motor, and Motor Clip

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Before attaching the motor to the solar panel, please spin the motor a few rotations by hand slowly in both directions to loosen the grease that is used during manufacturing.

Operates best in direct sunlight. If using artificial light, solar panel must be close to the light source.

  • Includes a solar cell module (1V, 400mA) plus motor and motor clip.
  • Solar cell module harnesses the power of the sun and converts the light into usable electricity energy for countless applications.
  • The solar cells are laminated in the high-quality resin material on the PC board with moisture protection.
  • Encapsulated Solar Cell Module Dimensions: 95 x 65 x 6mm
  • Motor Body Dimensions: Width - 1.0" x Height - 1.0", Motor Shaft Size: 3/8"
  • Motor Output: 1V / 400mA