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Low Noise JFET Single Operational Amplifier

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The TL071 is a high-speed JFET input single operational amplifier. This JFET input operational amplifier incorporates well matched, high-voltage JFET and bipolar transistors in a monolithic integrated circuit. The device features high slew rates, low input bias and offset currents, and low offset voltage temperature coefficient.Wide common-mode (up to VCC+) and differential voltage range

  • Low input bias and offset currenT
  • Low noise en = 15 nV/ √Hz (typ)
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • High input impedance JFET input stage
  • Low harmonic distortion: 0.01 % (typ)
  • Internal frequency compensation
  • Latch-up free operation
  • High slew rate: 16 V /µs (typ)