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TL072 Low Noise FET Input Operational Amplifier, Linear IC, 30-V, 3-MHz, High Slew Rate (13-V/µs)

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The TL07xH (TL071H, TL072H, and TL074H) family of devices are the next-generation versions of the industry-standard TL07x (TL071, TL072, and TL074) devices. These devices provide outstanding value for cost-sensitive applications, with features including low offset (1 mV, typical), high slew rate (20 V/µs), and common-mode input to the positive supply. High ESD (1.5 kV, HBM), integrated EMI and RF filters, and operation across the full –40°C to 125°C enable the TL07xH devices to be used in the most rugged and demanding applications.


  • High slew rate: 20 V/µs (TL07xH, typ)
  • Low offset voltage: 1 mV (TL07xH, typ)
  • Low offset voltage drift: 2 µV/°C
  • Low power consumption: 940 µA/ch (TL07xH, typ)
  • Wide common-mode and differential voltage ranges
  • Common-mode input voltage range includes V CC+
  • Low input bias and offset currents
  • Low noise: V n = 18 nV/√ Hz (typ) at f = 1 kHz
  • Output short-circuit protection
  • Low total harmonic distortion: 0.003% (typ)
  • Wide supply voltage: ±2.25 V to ±20 V, 4.5 V to 40 V