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RS-232 Interface IC, MAX232 Dual EIA-232 Drivers and Receivers, 16 Pin DIP

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The MAX232 device is a dual driver/receiver that includes a capacitive voltage generator to supply TIA/EIA-232-F voltage levels from a single 5V supply. Each receiver converts TIA/EIA-232-F inputs to 5V TTL/CMOS levels. These receivers have a typical threshold of 1.3 V, a typical hysteresis of 0.5V, and can accept ±30V inputs. Each driver converts TTL/CMOS input levels into TIA/EIA-232-F levels.


  • Meets or exceeds TIA/EIA-232-F and ITU recommendation V.28
  • Operates from a single 5V power supply with 1µF charge-pump capacitors
  • Operates up to 120kbit/s
  • Two drivers and two receivers
  • ±30V Input levels
  • Low supply current: 8mA typical
  • ESD protection exceeds JESD 22
  • 2000V Human-body model (A114-A)
  • Upgrade with improved ESD (15kV HBM) and 0.1µF charge-pump capacitors is available with the MAX202 device