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RS-232 Interface IC, +5V Powered, Multichannel RS-232 Drivers/Receivers, 20 Pin DIP

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The MAX220–MAX249 family of line drivers/receivers is intended for all EIA/TIA-232E and V.28/V.24 communications interfaces, particularly applications where ±12V is not available. The MAX225, MAX233, MAX235, and MAX245/MAX246/ MAX247 use no external components and are recommended for applications where printed circuit board space is critical. The MAX220-MAX249 are offered in 26 different packages with temperatures from 0 to +70°C up to -55°C to +125°C. See ordering information table at the end of the data sheet for all package and temperature options.


  • Saves Board Space
  • Integrated Charge Pump Circuitry
  • Eliminates the Need for a Bipolar ±12V Supply
  • Enables Single Supply Operation from +5V Supply
  • Integrated Capacitors (MAX223, MAX233, MAX235, MAX245–MAX247)
  • Saves Power for Reduced Power Requirements
  • 5μW Shutdown Mode


  • Interface Translation
  • Multidrop RS-232 Networks
  • Portable Diagnostics Equipment