Great Neck

GreatNeck 15 Inch Aggressive Tooth Handsaw, Aluminum Frame, Wood Saw, Branch Cutter, PVC Cutter, Tree Saw, Handsaw for Wood, Hand Saw for Trees (74003)

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The GreatNeck 15 inch aggressive tooth handsaw with an aluminum frame composite handle features an induction hardened, tri-ground tooth design for faster, more efficient cutting. SK-5 steel blade delivers toughness and edge retention and is protected with a Great Guard™ coating to prevent drag while cutting. A heavy-duty, solid aluminum frame offers added strength and durability and an anti slip comfort grip composite handle for reduced hand fatigue. Saw also features deep gullets for fast and efficient wood chip removal.

  • SK-5 Steel Blade Delivers Toughness and Edge Retention so Blade Stays Sharp
  • Heavy-Duty Solid Aluminum Frame for Added Strength and Durability
  • Great Guard™ Coated Blade Reduces Friction to Prevent Drag While Cutting
  • Deep Gullets for Fast and Efficient Wood Chip Removal
  • Induction Hardened, Tri-Bevel Tooth Design for Faster and More Efficient Cutting
  • Composite Anti-Slip Comfort Handle for Reduced Hand Fatigue
  • Built-in 45° and 90° Angle Markings for Guided Cutting
  • 9 Teeth Per Inch/10 Points Per Inch For Rough Cuts