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Self-Lock Push Button Switch KAN-28 for Flashlight SMD Type ON-Off Mini Switch (Flat Pin with Hole)


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  • Type: 10pcs Self-Lock Push Button Switch, widely used primary electrical appliances.
  • Model: KAN-28, Rated Voltage: DC 30V, Rated Current: 1A, Contact Resistance: 100M ohm max, Insulation Resistance: 100M ohm min, Withstand Voltage: AC 500V / 1min
  • Self-Lock Switch: Simple structure, good spring resilience, press button to turn on and off, easy to operate.
  • Working Principle: Push-button switch is a switch that used a button to push the transmission mechanism to turn or or off a moving contact with a static contact and switch the circuit.
  • Usage: In the electric automatic control circuit, it is used to send the control signal manually to control contactor, relay, electromagnetic starter, etc.