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DFRobot SEN0104 Mini Touch Sensor Kit Compatible with Arduino IO Expansion Shield

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This is a cool touch sensor that you can hook up directly to the IO Expansion shield (for Arduino). It includes a metallic tape with an adhesive backing, making it possible for you to place your sensor anywhere you want. So, if you get sick of the typical push buttons, try this invisible button for your projects! This touch sensor works on a variety of surfaces; Metal, glass, plastic, rubber. It does not work on cardboard or wood.

NOTE: This sensor requires some basic soldering.


  • Power supply: 3.3-5v

Pin definition:

  • Digital output(Green wire)
  • Power(Red wire)
  • GND(Black wire)

Package includes:

  • ITA-Touch module with Digital sensor cable
  • 3x3cm copper with adhesive backing
  • 15cm wire