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Sonic Technology BugBuster BB100, Cordless Bug Vacuum & Catcher for Spiders, Insects, Ants, Flies, Battery Operated Insect Catcher w/Tactile Rocker Switch for Easy On/Off Operation

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BugBuster vacuum that catches flies, stinging insects, spiders, bugs, and more without harm. It is a battery-operated device that is easy to use and store. Keeping the bugs far away from your space, our proprietary technology makes it easy to safely transport pesky bugs to gardens and yards. Remain bite- and sting-free, with no more mess left behind on your surfaces. With our gentle and no-harm approach, say goodbye to unwelcome intruders!


  • EASY INSECT CATCHING: Our BugBuster vacuums catch flies, stinging insects, spiders, bugs, and more without harm. Capture bugs quickly and easily with a press of a button, and use the long nozzle to easily reach awkward corners—no more smashed bugs on your walls!
  • USE ANYWHERE, ANY TIME: Relocate unwanted bugs far away from your home to gardens and yards with our gentle, no-harm insect vacuum. No more cleaning up remains squashed onto surfaces in your home, and less chance of getting bitten or stung. Say goodbye to pesky bugs around!
  • DIRECTION FOR USE: Our slim, single battery-operated device is easy to use and convenient to store. To use, first wait for an insect to settle, then press the button to start the motor while slowly moving closer to it. When in range, gently suck the insect into the catch tube, then put the safety cap on to prevent escape. Once the insect is caught, observe it or safely release it at arm's length.
  • PACKAGE INCLUSIONS: Our BugBuster unit device is crafted from polypropylene material. And when you purchase your BugBuster unit, you'll also get a Tips and Tricks sheet, an easy-to-follow owner’s manual, and a Specification Sheet. Don't forget to have a 9-volt long-lasting power battery on hand when you purchase the unit (battery not included) for optimal performance.