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Home Recording For Dummies

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Tune in to this fun and friendly guide and get great sounds!

If you're ready to record your own musical masterpiece, then you need this fun and friendly guide. Updated to cover the latest technologies and recording techniques, this new edition shows you how to set up a home studio, record and edit your music, master it, and even distribute your songs. Experienced musician, recording engineer, teacher, and author Jeff Strong provides easy-to-understand explanations of figure out mic placement, adjusting compression, and recording a variety of instruments.

With this guide, you'll learn how to compare studio-in-a-box, computer-based, and stand-alone recording systems and choose what you need. You'll gain the skills to manage your sound, take full advantage of MIDI, do overdubs and replace missed notes, understand the mastering process, and prepare your music for duplication. You'll also get up to speed on tools that let you record on the go or lay down tracks on a tablet computer.

  • Reviews the equipment you need to get started and have "plug and record" capability
  • Blends tried-and-true recording techniques used in studios with affordable options you can use at home
  • Presents recording advice for working with a mixer, connecting electronic instruments, and choosing the best microphones
  • Walks you through laying down tracks, working with multitrack recordings, capturing audio, and more
  • Features tips for editing tracks, mixing, mastering, and adding effects

Whether you're a beginning musician or a pro, Home Recording For Musicians For Dummies teaches you home recording basics so you can begin recording music at home and create great sounds.