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WinRef 98-95


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This amazing little book is a comprehensive reference for BOTH Windows 98 and 95. The differences between Windows 98 and 95 are clearly identified, which makes WinRef the perfect training tool for people wanting to upgrade from Windows 95 to 98. WinRef was written so that all commands and features are arranged alphabeticallly and its topic lists are grouped by subject for easy lookup. WinRef gives hundreds of tips and tricks from the best "teckie" sources. There is also a QuicKeys(TM) section for key stroke sequences. WinRef includes a list of commonly used file extensions and their descriptions, a glossary of Windows 98 and Windows 95 terms, a comprehensive index, and sources for all major Windows Tech Support. This book is a virtual "memory bank" of useful helps and easy instructions in how-to-do what "you want to do" in the Windows 98 and 95 operating systems. It is a must-have for the novice and the professional PC Windows user. Because the majority of the PC users in the world today use Windows 98 or Windows 95, this little reference book is most computers' best pal!