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Electronic Component Cabinet: CD4000 Series IC Kit (25 Types, 300 pieces)

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Each kit includes a 30-drawer component cabinet 11 1/4" x 12" x 6" and the most popular components in its category.

Content of cabinet component kits subject to slight change based on parts availability

This kit contains:

10 pieces each of the following IC's: CD4015, CD4016, CD4017, CD4020, CD4023, CD4024, CD4027, CD4040, CD4046, CD4050, CD4051, CD4069, CD4070, CD4071, CD4081, CD4093, CD4511, CD4538, CD4543 + CD4566

20 pieces each of the following IC's: CD4001, CD4011, CD4013, CD4049 + CD4066