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Asuro/AAR Bluetooth Kit


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The Bluetooth-compatible radio set allows you to install a Bluetooth compatible module on the ASURO or the AAR Arduino robots, available separately. With this module you'll not only communicate via an infrared link with ASURO or Arduino, but also via RF waves and Android smartphones. This wireless Android control will fully drive your robot via your smartphone. Learn all about Bluetooth communication with this Bluetooth-compatible kit.

  • Transmission range: Max 15 Meter (Transmit Class 2);1200 to 115200 baud
  • QFSK Modulation; Auto Reconnect.
  • Sensitivity: 80 dBm; Power: 1.8V - 3.6V I/O Voltage,
  • 3.15 - 3.3V Supply Voltage; 2.4 GHz On-Board Antenna.
  • Includes comprehensive instruction manual.