USB Version with Stamp and Cable Without Power Supply

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Referred to as (BOE) the Board of Education® Full Kit is by far the most popular hardware kit purchased by educators. The BOE kit is a must as it is required hardware for all curriculum (Stamps in Class) offered by Parallax. As this is the fundamental platform for the Stamps in Class (SIC) series, or the base for your own experimentation, you will also need component parts or an SIC package with parts in addition to this essential base unit. The BOE is the main Parallax hardware package from which to build around and use the Stamps in Class (SIC) curriculum series. By adding What's a Microcontroller (WAM), Robotics, Applied Sensors or any other SIC package, you will have a great starting point to learn how the BASIC Stamp functions.

  • Lowest cost kit available with the BS2 module
  • Necessary hardware to support Stamps in Class (SIC) curriculum
  • Comes complete with main board, the BASIC Stamp 2 (BS2-IC), serial cable, jumper wires, CD-Rom with software and documentation