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Desolder Solder Training Kit


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Unique, inexpensive method of teaching de-soldering and soldering. Kit is designed around an assembled,power controller interface circuit board that is fully populated with components like Hitachi quadcomparators and quad op amps. Approximately 50 components and hardware items, all being DIP(through hole) style. Other semis include, but are not limited to an 8-bit PIC Micro-C andsome IRLZ34 N-channel Enhancement Mode Logic Level TrenchMOS transistors. In addition,there are resistors, caps, some unique style red, green and even bi-polar LEDs, switches, a buzzer, connectors, heat sink and more.

Kit includes circuit board with case, instruction manual,de-soldering pump, 5 ft. desolder braid, soldering iron, 10 gm. solder, iron stand and sponge. After removing parts, Re-Work the board by soldering them back! Instruction manual includes technical tips on both de-soldering and soldering.

  • Cost-effective method of teaching both de-soldering and soldering
  • Work with an actual finished product (not a hobby) circuit board
  • Beginner students can de-solder (and re-work) one section of the board at a time
  • Tutorial manual with de-soldering and soldering tips
  • Over 100 components on board, additional boards available
  • Inherent components parts value
  • Contains circuit board, de-solder pump, de-solder braid, soldering iron, solder stand and sponge and solder (10gm), tutorial manual Additional boards available