Velleman Metal Detector Kit

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To come up against an electric cable while drilling a hole in a wall can have catastrophic consequences. Likewise, drilling into gas, water pipes or central heating pipes can be extremely hazardous.

With a handy metal detector it can now be determined beforehand whether there are metal objects to be found in a wall, ceiling or floor. An LED indicates if a metal object is in the vicinity. If an audio signal is also desired, space has been provided on the PCB for buzzer type SV4/12-S to be connected. The PCB has been specially constructed to fit entirely into to the separately available box type G407.


•avoid disasters when drilling holes in walls

•locate pipes, cables, metal studs

•great project for novices

•your own unique application

•push button operation


•metal detecting distance adjustable: up to 3.15"

•power supply: 9V battery (not incl.)

•LED indication

•12VDC-buzzer connection (buzzer not included)

•dimensions: 2.2" x 2.5"



?If you experience difficulties with the calibration of the unit (ie if the LED doesn't turn off, when there isn't any metal present ), replace C1 with a ceramic 1.2nF (122) capacitor. This behaviour is due to a spread on the component values and differences created when winding the coils.

?For those wanting an audible signal, space is provided on the print for connecting a buzzer type SV4/12-S. The small PCB has been specially designed to be incorporated into the separately available casing type G407.