PicoSolutions Alternative Energy Education Lab Plus Kit

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The Alternative Energy Education Lab set is our most extensive energy education kit, suitable for 3rd to college students. It includes DC Turbines (both Horizontal with hydro paddles and Vertical) and a 7.2v Solar Panel. The upgraded Plus version adds more features, including all our turbines (Horizontal, Vertical, and Hydro), a 7.2v Solar Panel, and comprehensive electricity labs. This advanced kit supports both AC and DC configurations, allowing for a wider range of turbine constructions, and is ideal for 6th-grade to college students. The kit contents include a Vertical Turbine Level 1 Kit, a Horizontal Turbine Level 1 Kit, six Hydro Paddles, a Multimeter, and a 7.2V 200mA Solar Panel. Upgrade to our special Design Entrepreneurship and STEM Skills (DESS) course, with extra support. This course combines design, entrepreneurship, and STEM education to boost creativity and innovation. It's designed to develop top-notch problem-solving skills, preparing students for a tech-focused future and enabling them to tackle complex challenges effectively. Plus Lab Included Alternative Energy Education Lab: 1x Vertical Turbine Level 1 Kit 1x Horizontal Turbine Level 1 Kit 6x Hydro Paddles 1x Multimeter 1x Solar Panel 7.2V 200mA

  • Alternative Energy Education Lab Set:
    • Most extensive energy education kit
    • Suitable for 3rd to college students
    • Includes DC Turbines (Horizontal with hydro paddles and Vertical) and a 7.2V Solar Panel
  • Plus version features:
    • Adds more features, including all turbines (Horizontal, Vertical, and Hydro)
    • Includes a 7.2V Solar Panel and comprehensive electricity labs
    • Supports both AC and DC configurations for wider turbine constructions
    • Ideal for 6th-grade to college students
  • Kit contents:
    • Vertical Turbine Level 1 Kit
    • Horizontal Turbine Level 1 Kit
    • Six Hydro Paddles
    • Multimeter
    • 7.2V 200mA Solar Panel