Analog Discovery Pro ADP5250: All-In-One 1GS/s 100MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Function Generator, Power Supply, and DMM

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What is the ADP5250?

Bolster your benchtop with the biggest, baddest, and boldest Analog Discovery yet.

The ADP5250 brings higher sample rate and bandwidth and a more rugged design to the Analog Discovery Pro family, keeping our free highly rated WaveForms application software at the controls.

Higher Sample Rate and Bandwidth

Designed to combine a complete set of instruments into a flexible and programmable device, the ADP5250 features a mixed-signal oscilloscope with two 100 MHz bandwidth, 1 GS/s analog channels, 34 digital channels, a tri-output power supply capable of up to 25 V, an external trigger, Waveform Generator, and a built-in programmable DMM. This is our first instrument with full DMM capabilities including true current and resistance measurement and a 300 V input range.

The Ultimate All-In-One Test System

Analog Discovery Pro devices feature a variety of advanced triggering options. Instruments within WaveForms can be cross-triggered, for example, by activating an oscilloscope capture based on a received and decoded digital protocol. In addition, external signals can trigger events using the dedicated external trigger input/output. Our free WaveForms software provides these features configurable in the instruments themselves, or for more control or automation in one of the available scripting interfaces.

Note: The ADP5250 is Windows® only.

Analog Inputs:
  • Used in the Oscilloscope, Data Logger, Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer, and Impedance Analyzer
  • Two analog input channels accessible via front panel BNC connectors
  • Channel type: single ended
  • Analog bandwidth: 100 MHz @ -3 dB
  • 8-bit resolution
  • Max sampling rate: 1 GS/s single channel
  • Maximum input range: 40 V peak to peak
  • AC or DC coupling
  • Maximum record length: 1 MS per channel
  • Front panel connector generating a 5 V, 1 kHz, square wave for convenient compensation of BNC oscilloscope probes

Analog Outputs:

  • Used in the Waveform Generator, Impedance Analyzer, and Network Analyzer
  • One channel accessible via a front panel BNC connector
  • 14-bit resolution
  • AC amplitude (max): ±12 V
  • Maximum analog bandwidth: 5 MHz @ -3 dB
  • Maximum sampling rate: 125 MS/s
  • Software-switchable filter: 36 MHz lowpass, 7-pole, elliptical

Power Supplies:

  • Digital supply: 3.3 V, 20 mA
  • DC power supplies:
    • 0 to 6 V variable, 1 A max current
    • 0 to 25 V variable, 500 mA max current (isolated)
    • 0 to -25 V variable, 500 mA max current (isolated)

Digital Multimeter:

  • Used in the DMM instrument
  • Functions: DC voltage, AC voltage, DC current, AC current, resistance, diode, continuity
  • Resolution: 5 1/2 digits
  • Sample rate 5 S/s
  • Input protection:
    • Resistance, diode: up to 300 V DC
    • DC and AC voltage: up to 300 V DC or 265 VAC (rms) 400 V AC (peak)
    • DMM A current connector fuse: internal ceramic fuse, 10 A 250 V, time-delay, 5 x 20 mm, T 10 A H 250 V
    • DMM mA current connector fuse: internal ceramic fuse, 1.25 A 250 V, time-delay, 5 x 20 mm, T 1.25 A H 250 V
    • Maximum common-mode voltage: 300 V DC or AC (rms)

Digital Inputs:

  • Used in the Logic Analyzer
  • Channels: 32
  • Input voltage: 0 V to 5 V
  • Input threshold: 0 V to 2 V
  • Max sampling rate: 1 GS/s
  • Typical record length: 1 MS

Digital Inputs and Outputs:

  • Used in the Static I/O instrument
  • Channels: 8
  • Input logic standard: 5 V compatible TTL
  • Output logic standard: 3.3 V LVTTL

Advanced Triggering:

  • Trigger sources: oscilloscope analog channels, function generator start, digital inputs, digital I/O, power line frequency, external trigger
  • Trigger modes
    • Normal, auto, force, single
  • Analog trigger
    • Edge with hysteresis
  • Digital trigger
    • Edge, level, pattern, glitch
  • External trigger:
    • 5 V compatible TTL input or 3.3V LVTTL output
    • 4 mA drive strength


  • Device to computer: USB 2.0 Hi-Speed


  • Auxiliary powered
  • Dimensions: 25.40 cm x 19.05 cm x 7.77 cm (10.00 in x 7.50 in x 3.06 in)
  • Weight: 2.05 kg (4 lb 8.3 oz)
  • Shock and vibration tested (details in the specification sheet)

Product Compliance:

  • HTC: 8471809000
  • ECCN: 3A992.a
  • 1 ADP5250
  • 1 USB A to B cable
  • 1 1x14 Digital I/O Screw Terminal Adapter
  • 1 1x6 Power Supply Screw Terminal Adapter
  • 1 2x18 Logic Analyzer MTE Cable
  • 1 US IEC Cable
  • 1 EU Adapter
  • 1 UK Adapter