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Sewable Surface Mount Buzzer for 3V Circuit, 24.8mm x 11mm x 6.1mm


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This Sewable Surface Mount Buzzer is ideal for adding sound or an alarm to your electronic project. This buzzer has a built-in driver circuit that emits a single tone when the buzzer is connected to a 3V power supply. It has two connections clearly marked with '+' and '-' to indicate which is the positive and which is the negative connection. Aside from surface mount applications, you can also use leads with alligator clip ends to to incorporate this buzzer in your project without soldering. The PCBs are double-sided for a reliable clip-on connection.

  • Runs on a 3V circuit
  • Loud buzzer sound when circuit is active
  • Double-sided PCB with clearly marked '+' and '-' terminals
  • Dimensions: 24.8mm x 11mm x 6.1mm