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Solderless Breadboard Cable Kit - Includes BNC, Banana, Alligator, and Wall Adapter to Pin Test Leads


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This solderless breadboard cable kit facilitates the processes of powering, testing, and connecting components to your solderless breadboard.

Kit includes the following bread boardable test leads:

BNC to Pin Cable - for direct access to your solderless breadboard from any BNC output such as an oscilloscope or function generator. 36" long coax cable with 8" wires and pins attached.

Banana to Pin Cables - for connecting a power supply or any binding post outputs to your solderless breadboard. Banana plugs are stackable. One red lead and one black lead, each measuring 36".

Alligator to Pin Cables - for connecting components such as switches or potentiometers that do not fit into solderless breadboards. Two black, two red, and two yellow cables, each measuring 22".

Barrel Jack to Pin Cable - easily add power to your project by connecting this cable between your solderless breadboard and a wall adapter or battery snap (not included).