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BK Precision 150W DC Electronic Load, Model 8540

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The 8540 DC electronic load is a very compact, economically priced instrument that is at home on both the bench and the production floor. Though this is an instrument in a small package, it can reliably test a 5-volt power supply to 30 amps and do it continuously. The load can operate in CC, CV, or CR mode while voltage/current or resistance/power values are measured and displayed in real-time, making it well suited to test a variety of DC power sources. The 8540's performance is comparable to most full-size bench DC electronic loads, yet it does the job at half the price and takes up half the space on your bench.

Easy to Use:

The BK Precision 8540 DC electronic load (60V/30A/150W) can sink DC current in constant current, constant voltage, and constant resistance modes. Measured values have 10 mV and 1 mA resolution. Shorts can be simulated. Storage is provided for up to *40 groups, with 4 instrument setups per group. The instrument is easy to use and will find many uses for testing DC power supplies, batteries, and DC to DC converters.


  • Full digital control
  • 1mV /1mA measurement resolution
  • Compact size
  • Bright, readable LED display
  • Operating modes: CC/CV/CR
  • Input on/off control
  • High reliability due to OCP/OVP
  • Easy operation


  • Watts 150 Watts
  • Max Current 30 A
  • Max Voltage 60 V
  • Min Current 1 mA (0.001 A)
  • Min Voltage 0 V
  • Programable No
  • Triggering Yes
  • Battery Test No
  • Remote Sensing No