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MG Chemicals 841WB Super Shield Water Based Nickel Print Conductive EMF Shielding Paint, 3.6 Liters Liquid (841WB-3.78L)

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This EMF paint is a 1-part, water-based conductive coating, pigmented with highly conductive nickel flake. Unlike diamagnetic conductive fillers like carbon, copper, or silver that only shield the electric component of electromagnetic waves, nickel is ferromagnetic and blocks the magnetic component as well. It is easy to use, with no let-down and no heat cure necessary. It can be applied by spray, brush, or roller. It is excellent for use on wood and drywall and bonds well to many plastics. It can be painted over with common architectural paints.

841WB conductive paint is excellent on musical instruments and in architectural applications. It is our best electric guitar shielding paint. It is also excellent for EMF-shielding a house or bedroom, and blocking harmful electromagnetic radiation, such as WiFi signals, cell phone signals, and other interference originating from routers, radio transmitters, cell phone towers, or power lines. EMF Shielding Paint may also be referred to as wall shield paint, anti-WiFi paint, WiFi signal blocking paint, EMF blocking paint, EMF shielding paint, EMF protection paint, or simply EMF paint.

For higher levels of shielding suitable for operating and server rooms, or for homes near intense sources of emission we offer a silver-coated copper version. We also offer an acrylic version for use on plastics, as well as an epoxy version for use on glass or metal.

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides effective EMF shielding
  • Ideal for wood and drywall
  • Ideal for shielding electric guitar cavities
  • Non-flammable and no noxious odors
  • Low VOC content