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Handheld 2.4'' Digital Control 20MHz, 2 Channel Function/Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator

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  • 20MHz, 2 Channel Function Generator
  • 4-inch 320X240 TFT LCD with clear graphic interface.
  • Both channels are independent of each other and have phase synchronization function.
  • Sampling rate: 200MSa/S, vertical resolution: 13 bit and storage depth: 8k.
  • 5 basic waveforms and 32 arbitrary waveforms in-built.
  • Waveform storage; Support internal storage of 50 groups of user-defined edited waveforms.
  • Pulse wave output set in edge time.
  • Internal AM, FM, PM modulation function (External AM, FM, PM modulation is optional)
  • Internal/external ASK, FSK, PSK modulation function.
  • Dual channel output, maximum output frequency 60M.
  • Output of linear/logarithmic sweep and burst (pulse train) waveforms.
  • With 100MHz high precision frequency meter and 32-bit counter.
  • Standard USB Device interface; Optional external analog modulation interface.
  • Equipped with multifunctional arbitrary waveform editing software.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Host
  • 1 x 3-Core Power Cable
  • 2 x PC BNC Coaxial Cables
  • 1 x USB Data Cable
  • 1 x Straight Signal Cable
  • 1 x Instruction Manual