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Dual Temperature Hot Air / Heat Gun, 1,500W and 750W, 650°F to 930°F Range - Model ZD-508

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Dual Temperature Heat Gun. Comfortable to use and highly effective, this dual-temp heat gun produces a nearly instantaneous, focused, and versatile blast of hot air.

With multiple possible applications, a heat gun is something your tool box should never be without. This heat gun's two temperature/speed settings make it ideal for any number of projects, like stripping paint, warping vinyl siding, securing heat shrink tubing, and melting toy soldiers. The built-in stand allows the heat gun to sit upright while it is unused or as it cools.


  • Input power: 120 VAC, 750/1500 watts
  • Temperature: 300° or 900° F
  • Velocity: 15 cubic feet per minute max.


  • Repairing electrical installations by crimping shrink sleeves
  • Deformation and welding of PVC tubes
  • Removing stickers, labels, old paint and veneers