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7-in-1 Network Tool Kit with RJ45 Ethernet Crimping Tool, Punch Down Tool, Punch Down Stand, Cable Tester, RJ45 Connectors, RJ45 Boots, and Wire Strippers - Carrying Case Included


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Take charge of your network with the Cable Matters 7-in-1 Network Toolkit. Build, test, and deploy custom Ethernet cables with all the necessary tools included in a sleek, durable carrying case.

Rugged, Durable Carrying Case

  • All tools come neatly packaged in a zippable carrying case
  • Durable, rugged carrying case is ideal for job sites and construction sites

Cut, Strip, Crimp

  • Built-in cable cutter creates custom length cables out of longer Ethernet cables or bulk cable
  • Stripper for exposing the individual wires
  • Crimper supports RJ45 Ethernet and RJ11/RJ12 telephone cables

Test Your Cables

  • Network cable tester verifies the integrity and pin connections of network cables
  • Ensure pins are in the correct order for the chosen network cable standard
  • Verify cable shielding integrity
  • Simple LED readout displays cable test results for each pin and shielding

Study and Quick Impact Tool

  • Handy punch-down impact tool is spring-loaded for terminating twisted pair cable into 110-style patch panels, connecting blocks and keystone jacks
  • Dual function blade (cut/punch) for cutting wire or pushing into IDC terminal
  • Adjustable impact pressure

Impact Resistant Punchdown Stand

  • Create a firm base for precision keystone jack termination with the included impact tool
  • Protect your hands and desktop surfaces from sharp impact tools
  • Safe design is perfect for mobile operation in the palm of your hand

Connectors and Boots Included

  • The toolkit includes 8x RJ45 connectors and boots
  • Get started on an Ethernet project right away with boots and covers

Extra Tools for Precision

  • The toolkit also includes a set of wire strippers for extra precise work
  • Get started with everything you need to start creating cables