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MG Chemicals Non-Silicone Epoxy Mold Release, 12.3 oz Aerosol (8329-350G)

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The 8329 Epoxy Mold Release is a non-silicone release agent that is formulated to prevent epoxies and other thermosetting materials from bonding to metal molds. This release agent was developed specifically for transfer and compression molding. It can be safely used on most types of plastic. It is very efficient at fully penetrating molds and forming a thin, even coat across the mold surfaces. This ensures a clean part release and glossy finish.

Features & Benefits:

  • Silicone free
  • Metal die compatible
  • Maximum mold temperature of 260 °C [500 °F]
  • Safe for thermosetting plastics, epoxies, nylons, and polystyrenes