Parallax 96 x 64 RGB OLED Display

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The 96×64 Color OLED display is perfect for displaying graphics, text, and images in bright, beautiful colors. Use it on its own to enjoy the graphics, or as part of a bigger project to display information to the user. It’s a great accessory for Propeller or Arduino based STEM or STEAM projects.

The display portion of the OLED module measures 0.95″ diagonal and contains 96 x 64 RGB pixels. Each pixel can be set with 16 bits of resolution for a large range of colors. OLED technology does not require a backlight, which results in a colorful, high contrast display.

Your microcontroller can talk to the display’s on-board SSD1331 driver chip using a 5-wire, write-only SPI interface. An on-board boost converter properly powers the display, which can be used with with either 3.3 or 5V logic levels.

  • OLED technology for high contrast and vivid colors
  • Fully assembled, breadboard-friendly 7-pin SIP form factor
  • Easy-to-use C libraries and Spin object for the Propeller Microcontroller
  • Compatible with BlocklyProp online graphical programming tool
  • Four mounting holes for installation in permanent projects
Application Ideas:
  • Information readout
  • Sensor module display
  • Handheld game console screen
  • Driver Chip: SSD1331
  • Interface: 5-wire SPI (clock, data, chip select, data/command, reset)
  • Resolution: 96 x 64
  • Display Size: 0.95 inch diagonally
  • Colors: RGB, 65K colors
  • Visible Angle:>160°
  • Voltage requirements: 3-5 VDC
  • Dimensions: 3.17 x 3.7 cm
  • Operating Temp. (-20 to +70℃)
  • Storage Temp. (-30 to +80 ℃)