Parallax P2 Module with Edge Connector


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The P2 Edge Module is a simple way to get started with the Propeller 2 multicore microcontroller. In addition to speeding development, this module provides an optimal P2 building block for system integrators and designers to include in their products.

The Propeller 2 P2X8C4M64P chip contains over 32 million transistors and >70 mm2 of custom silicon, 10x that of a typical microcontroller. The P2 contains 8 independent processors with analog pad rings and Smart-pin functionality at all 64 I/O pins. Each smart I/O pin is capable of many autonomous analog and digital functions, including ADC, DAC, PWM, USB, SERIAL, Waveform generation, SMPS, Comparator, SCHMITT and LOGIC modes.

The P2 Edge Module includes the exposed-pad 100-pin TQFP P2X8C4M64P, core and I/O power regulators, power filtering capacitors, crystal, flash memory, boot configuration switches, and two user-configurable on-board LEDs to indicate system states. The PCB’s four-layer design features solid thermal and signal reference planes isolating each signal layer. The design is optimized for low-noise analog and digital operation, and with low temperature rise even at high-speed operation.

New features for Rev C include an onboard microSD socket, power supply VIN voltage maximum increased from 5.5 to 16 VDC, and the onboard clock source upgrade from a low-precision crystal to a high-precision TCXO oscillator.

For development, the P2 Edge Module fits in the card edge socket of the spacious P2 Edge Module Breadboard, the compact P2 Edge Mini Breakout Board, or the bare-bones P2 Edge 80-pin Adapter Kit. For product integration, several edge socket choices are available from our P2 Components shop page. This arrangement allows developers to integrate the Propeller 2 into products without the need for multi-layer cost or expertise.

P2 Edge Module Rev C Features:
  • Compact module with Propeller 2 Multicore Microcontroller and essential circuits
  • Four-layer, low noise, system-on-board module
  • Integrated thermal planes for low temperature rise characteristics at high speed operation
  • Orientation / module locking hole
  • Two mounting holes connected to the module ground planes
  • Adjustable operating frequency; recommended maximum 180 MHz clock
  • Overclocking possible beyond 300 MHz
  • 16 MB SPI Flash memory and microSD card socket for flexible memory management
  • 64 Smart I/O pins brought out to the edge connector
  • Buffered LEDs on I/O pins P56 and P57, visible from both sides of the module PCB
  • Onboard LED feature enable/disable switch
  • Onboard 1.8 V 2-Amp switching regulator with short-circuit, over-current fault and brownout detection protection for the P2 core (VDD)
  • Onboard low noise LDO 3.3 V regulators for the P2 smart-pins (VIO), with short-circuit and over-current fault protection
  • Dual power inputs via the Edge Connector or optional header pads on the back of the module, with reverse polarity protection
  • Compatible with the Parallax Prop Plug (#32201) for system programming
  • PCB assembled, tested, and completed in Rocklin, California, USA
Note: although the P2-EC edge connector may resemble the BBC micro:bit, it is not designed to be a replacement or compatible product.Applications:
  • Robotic and CNC control where simultaneous processing is needed
  • Sensing applications where multiple analog inputs are measured at high speed
  • Video display control for user human user interface
  • Educational tool for parallel processing and coding in different languages (Python, C, BASIC, Spin2/PASM)
P2 Edge Module Specifications:
  • Voltage input requirements: 5 to 16 VDC (Rev C only)
  • Voltage input protection: reverse voltage
  • Propeller 2 chip: P2X8C4M64P (8 cogs, 512 KB hub RAM, 64 smart pins)
  • Non-volatile Memory: 16 MB (128 Mb) SPI Flash
  • Oscillator: TCXO 20 MHz +/-0.5 PPM
  • Smart I/O pins: 64 accessible, 56 fully free, grouped in 8 sets of 8 I/Os
  • Smart I/O pin logic voltage: 3.3 V
  • Input Current requirements: 100 mA minimum, 2000 mA typical
  • Internal VDD Power Supply: 1.8 V up to 2 A, 2.5 MHz nominal switching frequency
  • VIO Power Supplies: 3.3V up to 300 mA per 8 I/O pins
  • Edge Connector: Double sided 80-way 0.05” (1.27 mm) pitch edge slot
  • Programming: Serial up to 2 MBaud
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +185 °F (-40 to +85 °C)
  • PCB Dimensions: 1.45 x 2.04 in (37 x 52 mm)