Parallax Robot Wheel & Molded Tire for Servos

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These plastic wheels and molded tires work well for any robot using Parallax Standard, Continuous Rotation, High Speed Continuous Rotation, or Feedback 360° servos. (The wheel also fits similar Futaba and GWS servos, but not Hitec).

The slip-resistant molded tire stays in place much better than this wheel’s original rubber band tires. The molded tire’s profile makes more surface contact than our Small Robot Wheel’s O-ring tire. Made from RoHS compliant TPE55, this tire has enough grip for good robot navigation but not so much that servo motors would stall and burn out if met with an obstacle.

Compatible with the Boe-Bot, SumoBot, Shield-Bot, ActivityBot, cyber:bot, and Parallaxy robot kits, but please note that friction differences may require slight adjustment to navigation routines.

  • Injection molded tire’s sidewalls fit securely over the included Parallax 2.58″ servo wheel
  • 8-spoke servo wheel fits the spline of all Parallax full-size servos
  • Dimensions assembled: 70.5 mm diameter x 8 mm width
Note that the molded tire is also sold separately for robot fleets that use these wheels and wish to upgrade from rubber band tires. It is also a suitable substitution for the discontinued blue and red wheels.Kit Contents:
  • (1) – 2.58 diameter plastic wheel
  • (1) – Molded tire for plastic wheel