Parallax Small Robot Wheel & Tire

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One replacement wheel and O-ring tire. Originally custom-designed to work with the original ActivityBot Robot Kit’s external encoders, this wheel is now also included with the BASIC Stamp Boe-Bot, Shield-Bot with Arduino, ActivityBot 360°, and cyber:bot with micro:bit kits.

  • O-ring tire stays securely in place between the tabs on the wheel’s edge
  • Wheel press-fits onto the spline of Parallax’s Continuous Rotation and Feedback 360° High Speed robot servos
  • Encoder wheel spokes are designed to use with the original ActivityBot’s included Encoder Kit.

Note: Each Boe-Bot, ActivityBot, Shield-Bot, and cyber:bot kit includes 2 Encoder Wheels and O-ring Tires.

Small Robot Wheel and Tire Details:
  • Wheel: 64 mm diameter (tire adds 2 mm)
  • Fits a 3F 25-tooth servo spline
  • O-ring: 1/8″ size 228 NBR
Kit Contents:
  • (1) – Encoder Wheel
  • (1) – O-ring Tire