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BK Precision 1623A - 0 to 60V, 0 to 1.5A Digital Display DC Power Supply

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The BK Precision 1620A series are high-quality serial control type DC Regulated Power Supplies. These models can be operated at a constant voltage or constant current mode whose output can be varied from 0 up to the rated values for the respective model.

This family of power supplies provides clean and stable DC output which is most suitable for many areas including laboratory, industrial, field service, hobby, and telecommunication applications.


  • The BK Precision 1620A series are constant voltage/constant current power supplies which feature excellent line and load regulations, low ripple and noise characteristics.
  • Output Voltage: 0-60 V, Output Current: 0-1.5 A
  • The units feature separate voltage and current meters so that output voltage and current can be monitored simultaneously.
  • Output voltage and current can be adjusted continuously in full range to any desired values. Adjustment can be done easily and precisely by using separate coarse and fine adjust knobs.
  • The constant current circuit operates to protect against overload and output short circuit. The limiting current values can be preset in the full range of the rated values for respective model
  • Multiple units of power supplies of same family can be connected in series to provide higher output voltage.
  • Multiple units of power supplies of SAME model can be connected in parallel (master/slave configuration) to achieve higher output current.