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BK Precsion Programmable DC Power Supply, 20V/10A, 200W, Model 1696B

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The BK Precision 1696B Programmable DC Power Supply, 20V/10A, 200W delivers 200 W of affordable and reliable DC power in a compact form factor, making it an ideal solution for a variety of applications in electronics manufacturing and educational settings. Compared to the legacy 1696 Series, these new models feature an improved user interface with dedicated V-set/I-set buttons and a USB interface supporting basic SCPI commands.

In order to safeguard the instrument and the device under test (DUT), the 1696B offers a variety of protection features such as overvoltage protection (OVP), overcurrent protection (OCP) and overtemperature protection (OTP) circuitry. Free PC software is available and supports list mode (timed programming) setup and measurement logging. Additionally, this model also includes an RS-485 interface for multi-unit control of up to 31 power supplies.

The front panel incorporates a numeric keypad, rotary control knob, and a dedicated V-set/I-set button for convenient control. The back-lit LCD simultaneously displays voltage, current, and power meter measurements with 4-digit resolution.

Product Features:

  • Voltage: 1 to 20V
  • Current: 0 to 10 A
  • Max. Output Power: 200W
  • Built-in voltage, current, and power meter
  • List mode (timed programming): program up to 20 steps
  • Automatic CV/CC crossover operation
  • Protection features: overvoltage (OVP), overcurrent (OCP), overtemperature (OTP) and key-lock function
  • Control up to 31 power supplies from one PC through RS485
  • Store up to 10 voltage and current combinations for quick output
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Large back-lit LCD display
  • Thermostatically-controlled fan with linear-speed control to minimize fan noise
  • USB and RS485 interfaces, supports basic SCPI commands
  • Output terminal block: Isolated output supports banana plug or spade type connectors


  • Repetitive test routines in R&D
  • Production testing
  • Product evaluation
  • Education environments


  • 1 × PC Software
  • 1 × RS485 Adapter
  • 1 × USB Cable
  • 1 × Test Report