Proxxon 39810 Cordless Belt Sander BS/A

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For grinding of small openings, finishing of molds, surfaces, radii, grooving, deburring and chamfering of precision parts.

The head rotates through 60° at the push of a button. Suction connection with vacuum cleaner adapter enables clean working. Supplied with 4 sanding belts (2 pieces each grit 80 and grit 180). Set includes lithium-ion battery Li/A2 (10.8V) and rapid battery charger LG/A.

The BS/A is top-quality and its performance is comparable to our mains-powered counterparts. For outdoor jobs or if an extension lead needs to be used, this tool is very utile.


  • Quiet, precise and vibration-free for fatigue free use
  • Low weight and slim design, without ever compromising performance
  • High quality precision tool


  • 10.8V
  • Sanding belt 10 x 330mm (13/32" x 13") (usable sanding area 10 x 110mm (13/32 x 4.3"))
  • Sanding speed 200 - 700m/min. Length 380mm (15")
  • Weight approx. 900g (2 lbs) (including battery).