Fiskars Swivel Knife Blades (3-pack)

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Designed specifically for swivel detail knives, swivel blades are razor-sharp and easy to slip into place when your current blade dulls after heavy use. These unique blades swivel 360 degrees and cut a wide variety of lightweight materials, such as paper, cloth, thin plastic and photos. An included plastic case makes blade storage safe and convenient.

  • Ideal for cutting lightweight materials like paper, cloth, thin plastic and photos
  • Premium steel blades swivel 360 degrees to make cutting curves and tight patterns easy
  • Replacing the blade is easy and takes only moments
  • Plastic case offers safe, convenient blade storage
  • Compatible with Fiskars Softgrip Fingertip Swivel Detail Knife (Sold separately)
  • Compatible with most swivel detail knives
  • Includes three swivel blades