Rigol 100 MHz Digital Oscilloscope with Multimeter

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The Rigol DS1102E oscilloscope is one of the most popular 100 Mhz oscilloscopes if not the most single popular 100 Mhz oscilloscope in the USA in 2013. This unit has countless reviews online and many reviews on this page from our customers. You cant go wrong after reading all the reviews and feedback from customers.

This Rigol DS1102E Model is an economical digital oscilloscope with high-performance, which is designed with dual channels and 1 external trigger channel. It provides 20 types of wave parameters for automatically measuring, which contains 10 Voltage and 10 Time parameters. In cursor mode, users can easily measure by moving cursor. Besides, 3 types of cursor measurement are optional: Manual, Track and Auto. This DS1102E DSO provides powerful PC application software: UltraScope, which enables to: Capture and measure wave; Perform local or remote operation; Save waves as ".bmp" format; Save files as ".txt" or ".xls" format; Print waveforms.

  • Built-in help menu enables information getting more convenient
  • Multiple Language User Interface, support Chinese & English input
  • Support U disk and local files storage
  • Waveform intensity can be adjusted
  • To display a signal automatically by AUTO
  • Pop-up menu makes it easy to read and use function
  • Fine delayed scan function
  • Built-in FFT function, hold practical digital filters
  • Pass/Fail detection function enables to output testing results
  • Math operations available to multiple waves
  • Powerful PC application software UltraScope
  • Standard configuration interface: USB
  • Device, USB Host , RS-232 and support U disk storage and PictBridge print standards
  • The new function “Key Lock” can meet the needs of industrial production
  • Support for remote command control
  • 2 Analog channels plus external trigger
  • 1 Million point deep memory
  • 1 GSa/sec max sample rate
  • 5.7" TFT QVGA (320X240) with 64K color LCD backlit display
  • Trigger modes: edge, pulse width, slope, video, pattern, continuous time, and alternate



  • 3 3/4 digits LCD display
  • LED / Sound Warning when incorrect banana jacks are used relative to function switch setting (volt, amp, resistance)
  • Data hold and LCD back lit
  • Manual ranging and autorange mode
  • Safety as per IEC1010-1 Cat. II 600V and Cat. 1000V Cat. IITechnical Specifications:
  • DCV: 400mV - 1000V, 5 ranges
  • ACV: 400mV - 750V, 5 ranges
  • Resistance: 400-40M, 6 ranges
  • DC and AC Current: 400μ - 10A, 5 ranges
  • Capacitance: 4n - 200u, 6 ranges
  • Frequency: to 200KHz
  • Resettable fuse inside 
  • Diode and transister test, audible continuity
  • Dimension and Weight: 195 x 92 x 55mm; 400g
  • Battery: 15.V AAA